Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Honey with baby inside beating on the walls

This is my wife fat with child! She is so beautiful, I love her. Our baby within plays wonderful music with heartbeat melodies.


T-Phlo Trinity Mufflers said...

It's so exciting to hear our new nephew/niece. We are glad you have this blog so we can find out how your guys are doing. We love you and can't wait to see you again!
Love Tim and Kristy and Girls

Kathy Nichols said...

This is so wonderful. Yea! I finally got to see my Princess of A lot with baby Princess of A lot. I cried.
I love you 3. Jason is that your hand in the picture? I can't wait to see the baby. Send more. WEEEEEE!!!!!!!

jesus, I pray you watch over my sweet family and keep them in your loving hands.Amen!

I love you all so much. GRANDMAOFEVERYTHING

Susan Nilon said...

How awesome is this!!!!!!! I miss you guys so much. Keep the videos coming. What a blessing technology can be. I love you.
Love Aunt Susie & Family